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The relationship status of the Battle of the Sexes champion, Camila Nakagawa is complicated. In one of the episodes of The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30, Nakagawa made out with Tony Raines which has stirred up a conversation among the fans.

Besides rumors about her relationships, Nakagawa is currently involved in a special project. The veteran star is using her experience and stardom for the greater benefit. If you want to know more, then keep reading.

Camila Nakagawa’s Relationship Status

As per many online sources, the reality TV star is currently single. But the reality star was involved in a couple of scandals during the course of the show The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30. Despite everything any of her relationships could not develop beyond the show thus, keeping her relationship status single at the moment.

Camila Nakagawa in the show The Challenge along with other contestants

The hookups in the show were just a winning strategy for the contestant. Well, the contestant and one of the people to make up with Nakagawa said, it is not a part of the strategy to win.

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Her Relationship with Johnny Devananzio

The couple got involved in a fling before the fans witnessed the deed on the TV Show. In the MTV show, they developed a romantic relationship with each other. Because of the involvement, many also believed that Johnny did that just to win the game.

Johnny said,

“It wasn’t part of the strategy to win”.

Johnny Devananzio (left) and Camila Nakagawa (right) in the MTV reality show The Challenge

Nakagawa responded to that by saying,

“However, he did try to make it seem like that. And that’s what kind of pisses me off. You can’t own up to your emotions, and to me that’s just a coward move”.

Nevertheless, the couple is not together now. In 2017, the reality star got into another rumor relating to her relationship status.

Camila Nakagawa’s and Tony Raines Cheating Scandal

In 2017, Tony Raines and Nakagawa made out as witnessed by the fans of the show in one of the episodes. But the real problem Tony faced was in the aftermath of the scandal. During the affair, Raines was already a father of two children with his girlfriend Alyssa Giacone.

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Tony Raines (right) holding his girlfriend Alyssa Giacone (left)

After the episodes, Tony called his girl back home and said nothing happened. Though Raines did not admit to the deed on the phone, a source close to him said,

“If they had to put a title on the status of their relationship right now it’d be it’s complicated. Her and Tony talked about it long distance but Tony didn’t want to deal with it until he got home so he initially denied it over the phone. Once he came back, he admitted it and it’s caused a lot of tension ever since”.

As of now, there are rumors that Alyssa and Raines have broken up after the incident. Though this is not the first time Tony’s been involved in such scandal, for many fans it wouldn’t have come as a surprise.

What is Camila Nakagawa doing now?

The reality star features on the MTV show The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 alongside Cara Maria Sorbello, Johnny Devananzio, Paulie Calafiore, and many more. In the recent episode, Nakagawa freaked out and started crying after her rope got stuck while climbing the cliff.

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Besides that, Nakagawa is also involved in using her famous nickname for the fitness challenge. The Brazilian told that she’s always been into fitness and wants to inspire people into healthy habits. For the fitness challenge, there are cash prizes like any other game series.

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