Top 11 List of Sponsorship Companies in South Africa

Top 11 List of Sponsorship Companies in South Africa.

Building a business from scratch in South Africa isn’t the easiest task and that’s why lots of young business owner outsources sponsorship deals to grow their brands and business.

Getting sponsorship for your business venture, project, or event sponsored can result in greater exposure and an increase in opportunities for you. It will move your ideas from the page and take them up on stage.

Knowing potential sponsors and ventures they are interested in invest increases your chances of finding one. Here is a list of actual potential sponsors and organizations in South Africa interested in sponsoring and partnering with brands and young indigenous entrepreneurs.

1. The Coca-Cola Company


Coca-Cola has sponsored several events, establishments, and creative projects all over the world. The Company has built a strong legacy of giving back by means of sponsorship and charitable grants.

The company is especially involved in sponsoring of sporting inclined events and projects.

For Sponsorship you can reach them on [email protected] or

2. AngloAmerican


AngloAmerican is a leading global mining company. The company is a globally diversified mining business committed to community development. They proclaim “Our people are at the heart of our business” and are devoted to developing long-term stable and empowered communities.

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The company sponsored the South African Chamber of Commerce Award. Website:

3. Blac Inc. Events and Communications


Black Inc. Events & Communications was established in 1997. With solid experiences within corporate marketing, broadcast, the entertainment industry and strategic planning they had been a force to reckon with.

In South Africa, their sponsorship has been majorly linked to events production and project management, hospitality & activations company.

Address: Suite 213, Private Bag X10, Musgrave 4062. Telephone:  +27 83 950 4935

4. Uber


Uber Technologies, Inc. is an American multinational ridesharing company offering services that include ride services, food delivery, and a micro-mobility system with electric bikes etc.

In 2013, Uber was launched in South Africa. It has partner severally with different local brands and sponsored a few projects.

You can reach them in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or Durban  at Uber Greenlight Hub. Or Dial 0800172956.

5. Unilever


Unilever is a British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company, making and selling around 400 brands in more than 190 countries. In 2002, the company reported a 200 million dollar in worldwide sponsorship.

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Unilever has been in South Africa for over 100 years and have supported several projects.

Address: Unilever South Africa Head Office: 031 570 2000/3000 Email: [email protected]

6. Disney Africa Media Sales and Partnerships


The Walt Disney Company is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise. It works together with its subsidiaries and affiliates to achieve its goals.

They have been involved in lots of sponsorship to local brands and organizations.

Contact them at Garrad, Illovo, Johannesburg. Tel (+27 ) 11 772 2514

7. Playmakers


This is a sponsorship solutions company that focuses on the use of funding as a medium of brand overall marketing plan that drives business results. The company’s aim is to lead from the front in order to develop a kind of thinking that challenges conventional thinking. This way, clients can separate themselves from the murky waters that are associated with the world of sponsorship.

8. Battalion Communications


The Communication Company is based in Johannesburg. It deals with Sports, and Entertainment Strategy Agency.

They offer assistance for entertainment projects.

9. Business and Arts South Africa


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Commonly known as (BASA), this is an internationally known South African development agency that integrates Arts into the Corporate’s commercial success.

It also contributes to the same. It comes with a suite of integrated programmes BASA that encourages mutually beneficial partnerships between business and arts.

10. ForwardZone


ForwardZone provides a unique world class expertise and measurable high impact strategic solutions. This is both in corporate sponsorship and marketing.

The Company is found in Johannesburg and focuses on management, eventing, consulting. The sponsors school leagues and generally support sporting events.

Located in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. Email : [email protected]

11. Paramount Promotions


This is a leading company and agency that leads in matters to do with arts, sports, entertainment, and events. Its specialty is on events promotions, sponsorship management, procurement and leveraging opportunities around events and properties.

Other notable mentions include:

  • Gameplan Media located in Durban and focusing on Public Relations, Communication.
  • Greenside Branding that is situated at Johannesburg and deals with Print, design, brand.
  • Kings Of Lael found in Soweto. It deals with Sponsorship Marketing, and also a Project Management Agency.
  • Plus Fore Golf in Johannesburg that organizes Golf Events.


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