Marlo Hampton Wiki, Bio, Net Worth 2021, Age, Husband, Kids, House, Height, Sister, RHOA

Marlo Hampton Wiki, Bio, Net Worth 2021, Age, Husband, Kids, House, Height, Sister, RHOA

Marlo Hampton is one of the popular cast of the Bravo TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta appearing in the show from its 4th season as a friend of Nene Leakes. But even after being a part of the show for such a long time, she has never been the full cast of the show.

It is because of her homophobic remarks about one of the participants of the show who is openly gay. Marlo is also known for her show I Dream of Nene. She is the entrepreneur, stylist, fashion diva, and more.

Marlo Hampton Age, Birthday, Parents, Sister

Born as Latoya Hutchinson in the year 1976, Marlo Hampton is 44 years old now. Marlo celebrates her birthday on the 7th of February and is an Aquarius. She belongs to the African American ethnicity.

Marlo’s childhood was full of struggles, abuse, and abandonment. Her mother Emma was a drug addict and used to abuse Marlo and her younger brother Curtis Willis Jr. Marlo has 1 younger sister and two older sisters.

As for Marlo Hampton’s father, it seems her father had left her and her family with their mother. Because of the abuse and their mother, being a drug addict, Marlo had to spend her childhood in foster homes moving from one home to another. But at last, she found a stable home and family when she moved in with her foster parents Hopkins.

Marlo lost her younger brother Curtis as he suffered from a severe brain injury and this tragic event has the greatest impact on Marlo’s life.

Marlo Hampton Education, Early Life Arrest

Hampton developed a love of fashion and style, she also became a scholar and studied in the College of Arts and Science to receive her BA in fashion and style. Moreover, Marlo also studied Social Work and Interdisciplinary Science at the University of Southern Florida.

However, before opting for education and giving a life a new direction, Marlo had few encounters with the law. She was first arrested in 1999 after a knife fight and Marlo was charged with a first-degree felony charge. Hampton was again arrested and spent 100 days in prison. On February 14, 2001, she was once again arrested and spent 6 days in jail for violating parole.

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In 2002, September, Marlo was again arrested for trying to pass a fake cheque. Again in December of the same year, she was arrested for possession of a firearm. In 2003, June, she spent 30 days in jail for violating parole.

As for now, Marlo has no problem with the law, she is now the guardian to two of her younger nephews Michael and William sons of her sister who is admitted to a psychiatric ward for having a mental issue.

Marlo Hampton Career / RHOA

Marlo is the regular cast of the BRAVO TV reality shows Real Housewives of Atlanta since 2011. But she is not the full cast member of the show because of her homophobic remark to Sheree Whitfield.

Hampton is also part of the BRAVO TV show I Dream of Nene. Marlo has her own YouTube channel Marlo’s closet where she gives fashion and style tips, interviews fashion stylists and trendsetters.

She also founded the multi-city fashion seminar, the Art of Style Tour to motivate the upcoming stylists and educate every woman on fashion and styling. In 2016, Hampton became the Style Ambassador for the 10th Annual Atlanta International Fashion Week.

Moreover, Marlo also owns her own fashion boutique named the Red Carpet Boutique at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. Inspired by her foster grandmother Arrie Holmes, and her mother Emma, Marlo launched Arrie and Emma, a new fashion and lifestyle brand in 2019. She has also ventured into real estate.

Marlo Hampton Husband, Ex-Fiance, Married

Marlo Hampton has never been married and she has no children of her own. But she has numerous affairs in the past. Back in the time, Marlo used to date Charles Grant, a football player. The couple was pretty much serious for they even got engaged to get married. But Marlo broke the engagement with her then-fiance Charles. However, the two still remain friends to this date.

Speaking of now, Marlo seems to be leading a single life. And although she is the regular cast of a show name Rich Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo Hampton is yet to become a wife herself.

Hampton has never shared any plans of getting married soon. Neither has Marlo any mentioned any man who she would like to make her husband someday.

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Marlo Hampton Kids, Nephews

As mentioned earlier Marlo Hampton doesn’t have kids of her own. However, to fill in the void, Marlo has now become a primary guardian for her younger nephews Michael and William.

“Becoming a full-time parent to two young black boys has given me a new outlook on life. I realize now more than ever that I need to use my voice to take action against the repeated acts of racism and violence on African American men and women. Black lives matter and it is my duty to work to improve human rights so that my boys and our children can live in a better world,”

In August of 2020, Marlo had to bear a great loss as one of her nephews, Quentin passed away. Talking of her nephew’s sad demise, Marlo expressed her grief by writing,

I never imagined I would be saying goodbye to another family member so soon. He was the life of the party, he always kept it real, we had our moments, because neither one of us knew how to hold our slick tongues, But I Loved my nephew dearly. He was a great cook, son, brother, friend, cousin, grandson and nephew. Quentin we will miss you dearly.

Marlo also has a 1-year-old nephew named Arlo Curtis, who is named after her brother, Curtis, who passed away in 2019.

Marlo Hampton Ex-Boyfriends, Past Affairs

Hampton was reportedly in numerous relationships. But, the one she is glad to refer to is the relationship with a billionaire man who gifted her a million-dollar home and took care of her.

Though Marla has never taken the name of the billionaire, it was rumored to be Peter Thomas. Just six months into their relationship, Marla closed her boutique and her boyfriend at the time gave her a monthly allowance and spoiled her with expensive gifts.

The most precious gift that Marla adores is her townhome in the HAMPTONS. However, the relationship didn’t go too far and Marlo is single now. But she is used to the lavish lifestyle.

It is also rumored that Marlo has dated Ted Turner the ex-husband of Jane Fonda. But it turned out to be only a rumor.

Marlo Hampton Net Worth 2021

She owns a beautiful home in the Hamptons decorated with antiques, rives a luxurious car. Marlo is the regular cast of the RHOA show for almost a decade now.

She owns her boutique, brands, YouTube channel. For someone who has the past of spending time in prison seven times in her life, it is amazing how Marlo has come a long way and has an estimated net worth of $2 Million.

Marlo Hampton Height

The gorgeous African American beauty who has stolen the hearts of many billionaires stand at a height of 6ft 1 inch and weighs 65 kgs. She has black eyes and dark brown hair. During quarantine, she followed a strict diet and fitness routine and has lost weight.

Marlo Hampton Social Media

Marlo is very active on her Instagram account marlohampton with 3,643 posts and 1.2m followers. She has shared photos of her family, her vacation, and her home.

Marlo has joined Twitter in June 2011 as Marlo Hampton@iheartMarlo and she has to date 284.9k followers. She has defined herself as a Style Expert, Executive Producer & Television Personality. She has shared glimpses of her show RHOA.

On Facebook, she is active as Marlo Hampton @MarloHampton with 208,663 people likes and 431,959 people followings. On her FB page also she has shared pictures of her family celebrating Christmas together.

Marlo has her own YouTube channel as Marlo Hampton with to date 15.6K subscribers. She has joined YouTube on Mar 3, 2015, and has received a total of 493,114 views for her fashion and styling videos.

Quick Wiki Facts and information on Marlo Hampton

Full Name/Real Name Latoya Hutchinson
Birthday, Date of Birth 7th of February of 1976
Age 44
Birth Sign Aquarius
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown St. Peters burg, Florida
Ethnicity African American
Parents Mother: Emma
Siblings 1 younger brother Curtis Jr., one younger sister, and two older sister
Profession Fashion stylist, Reality show star
Education(college/university) University of Southern Florida
Marital status Unmarried
Ex-Fiance Charles Grant
Children N/A
Social Media Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram
Net Worth $2 Million
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Black


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