Larry Mazza Wiki Bio, Net Worth 2021, Wife, Age, Son, Jail, Book, Who is Larry Mazza?

Larry Mazza Wiki Bio, Net Worth 2021, Wife, Age, Son, Jail, Book, Who is Larry Mazza?

From being a former hitman and gangster, serving a 10-year long jail sentence to becoming an aspiring actor and gym trainer; Larry Mazza’s life has become an open book.

His past life has been of a mob but today he is living a normal life with his wife. Larry is not only known for his life events but he is also known for his acting skills that he has shown in the movies like The Irishman (2019), I Married a Mobster (2011), and Gotti: Godfather and Son.

He is friends with celebrities like Rober De Niro and Martin Scorsese. Larry also is the author of the book The Life that is based on true incidents of his life. He was part of the three of the most bloody decades of the ‘Colombo Wars’ that took place in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan when Larry took the life of 3 or 4 people which he is not proud of.

Larry Mazza Age, Birthday, Family, Parents

Born in the year 1961 in Brooklyn, USA Larry Mazza is 59 years old now. He was born into a very normal family of a firefighter an FDNY lieutenant Lawrence Sr. and banker Joan.

Larry grew up with his siblings and attended Catholic School. He used to play sports in high school and was determined to become a firefighter like his father one day.

After high school, Mazza went to John Jay College for a while to study Criminal Justice in 1978. Moreover, while studying in college, Larry was also working as a delivery boy at Danza’s Supermarket delivering groceries.

Larry Mazza Career Biography

Back in the time while Larry Mazza was working as a delivery boy, he met a very beautiful Italian lady named Linda Schiro who was 32 at the time. She seduced her with wine and M&M and soon made out on the couch. A little did he know, the lady turned out to be the wife of Greg Scarpa, one of the bosses in the Colombo Crime Family. Surprisingly, the boss blessed the two as he was himself having an extramarital affair.

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However, Linda was not only his wife but his confidante, a business partner, and an advisor. On her insistence, Larry soon became part of their Gangsta life and started working as a hitman killing people. The affair of Larry and Linda went on for 10 years. Years later, the Colombo crime family split into two factions, and each faction ready to kill the other. In 1991, Larry was arrested and was serving a life sentence in prison for the assassinations.

Then, in 1994, the boss Greg died and it was revealed that he was also an FBI informant for 30 years. The news shocked Larry as he was honest and loyal to the boss. So Larry decided to assist in the investigation of the world of the Mafia and gave all the required information to the FBI. As for his assistance, his life sentence was reduced to 10 years after which he was released from prison in 2001.

Today, he has turned into an author, actor and a gym owner, and a trainer. Larry owns a gym in Merritt Island. He provides acting advice to Robert De Niro and also works as a technical adviser in action movies.

Larry Mazza Book

When Larry was in prison, he used to write a journal which later became his Book titled The Life:  A Brooklyn Boy is Seduced into the Dark World of the Mafia. The book is all about his life from a teenager to seduction by an older woman then his entry into the mafia world ending up in jail. In his book, Larry has also described killing Nicholas Nicky Black Grancio of the Colombo Crime Family with Scarpa. Nicky was his friend and so it dawned on him that he has become a brutal murderer and a gangster.

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When Larry was released from prison in 2001, he moved to Cocoa Beach where his parents retired. After completing his probation he moved to Merritt Island. On December 29, 2016, Larry published his book and since he published it by himself he retains the sole right to the book.

Larry Mazza Wife, Ex-Wife, Married Life, Son

After Larry ended his relationship with Linda, he met a hairdresser named Christine in a salon and started dating her back in 1985. A year later, Larry married Christine and in 1991, the couple had a baby boy named Lawrence Mazza II. The same year, Larry was arrested and in 2003, two years after Larry’s release, he and his then-wife split.

After few years, Larry slowly began to start a new life when he met Kelly Guion. On December 12, 2012, Larry Mazza got married to his now-wife Kelly and moved to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. The same year, he appeared on the Investigation Discovery for the show I married a Mobster along with his ex-wife Christine.

In the picture Larry Mazza with his wife Kelly

Mazza’s spouse, Kelly, is very supportive of her husband’s book and she accompanies him in auditions and meetings with producers. Larry’s son, Lawrence Mazza II, is an actor himself known for his lead role at Cocoa Village Playhouse.

Larry Mazza Net worth & Earnings 2021

After release from prison, Larry was able to start his new life working in Gym as a fitness trainer. Soon after, Larry co-owned a gym at Merritt Island, he acted in few movies, became friends with celebrities, producers, and directors.

Mazza published the book by himself and owns a sole right to his book. He has completely turned his life upside down from a hitman to a well-established family man and public figure. All through his hard work and determination, he is making a decent income.

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And as of 2021, Larry Mazza has successfully accumulated a net worth of $600,000.

Larry Mazza Social Media

After starting over life back to normal, Larry has started using social media platforms to his advantage. He has created an Instagram account, where he posts pictures of his wife. But mostly he has posted about his book, The Life, which explains his life journey from a delivery boy to a gangster and then to a normal citizen. He has in total 11 posts which have earned him 390 followers to date.

However, on his Facebook account, Larry Mazza likes to speak his mind and post about his vacations and personal life. Therefore, Larry’s followers on Facebook are more than his Insta with 704 people followings.

On YouTube, Larry has released the theme song of Larry Mazza, The Life: Once In The Life There Ain’t No Getting Out 4 years ago in his own channel Larry Mazza. Since his joining YouTube on January 7, 2017, his channel has gained 179 subscribers and has obtained 8326 views.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Larry Mazza

Full Name / Real Name Lawrence Mazza
Date of Birth / Birthday 1961
Age 59
Birth Sign N/A
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Brooklyn, USA
Ethnicity White
Parents firefighter an FDNY lieutenant Lawrence Sr. And banker Joan
Siblings N/A
Profession Actor, Author, Gym Owner
Education(college/university) John Jay College
Marital status Divorced and re-married
Ex-wife Christine
Children Son Lawrence Mazza II
Current Wife Kelly Guion
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
Net Worth $600,000
Hair color Greyish White
Eye color Blue



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