Kingg Bucc Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Gender, Real Name, Wife, Woman, Height, Birthday,

Kingg Bucc Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Gender, Real Name, Wife, Woman, Height, Birthday,

Kingg Bucc is an aspiring rapper from Miami, whose single Turn Me Up,” featuring NLE Choppa, made a buzz.

Kingg Bucc Career Biography

Bucc, as mentioned earlier, is an up-and-coming rapper, who seems promising. At the age of eight, Kingg moved to South Florida and originally made a name for himself on the streets of Little Haiti and North Miami Beach’s Victory Park neighborhood.

Talking about how his first freestyle drop went viral, Kingg explained in one of his interviews,

“I’m a known guy in Miami. I got my first 10,000 followers [on Instagram] just from the streets and people knowing who I was. After that, I started dropping freestyles. I went to Cali one day, and I was bored and hot. And then I dropped a freestyle, and it just went viral.”

It may sound like a casual thing for Kingg to drop a freestyle when he was bored. But, the fact is, there were years of hard work put into honing his craft. Kingg started off making beats for impromptu cafeteria freestyle battles in middle school by rhythmically tapping his pencil against the table.

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Eventually, Kingg started producing beats throughout high school. However, Bucc didn’t think had the potential of a rapper until a teacher tasked him with making a song for a project.

In 2016, Kingg moved to Atlanta and ended up signing a deal with Crown Recordings and Atlantic Records. Kingg also teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer DJ Hardwerk to release his 2019 debut EP, Swiper Season.

Kingg Bucc Age, Birthday, Real Name, Parents

Born to his parents in the year 1985 in Haiti, Kingg Bucc is 35 years old now. Kingg goes by the real name Jay Buck and celebrates his birthday on 28th October.

But judging by his looks, Kingg’s fans believe that he is younger in age, However, it isn’t the fact. Many other sites have claimed Kingg to be 25 years old, and that is not true. On multiple occasions, Kingg has been vocal about how he looks young than his age. Once, Kingg even shared the fact that, when he was 25, his manager told him to tell the fans that he was 16.

Now talking of Kingg Bucc’s parents, nothing much is known; except for the fact that he lost his loving mother to cancer in 2018.

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Kingg Bucc Gender? Is Kingg Bucc a Woman?

Well, the most searched question on Kingg could probably be the one related to his gender. Kingg has a slight bit of a feminine facial resemblance and his pony braids add more to it.

Thus, many are confused, if Kingg Bucc is a Woman or a man. But, we don’t think there is much to get confused, here. Kingg Bucc’s gender is male, and no, he isn’t and wasn’t a woman ever.

Kingg Bucc Net Worth 2021: Income & Earnings

As an aspiring rapper who is yet to make big in the music industry, Kingg Bucc has a lot to achieve. But, speaking by far, he has definitely made a name for himself. And along that earned some good fortune too.

Like every other rappers, Kingg is seen flexing his money on his social media platforms a lot. Also, Kingg flexes his lifestyle making people believe he has made it big. Well, he indeed has to a certain extent. As of 2021, Kingg Bucc’s net worth is valued at $150,000. But if he continues working on his craft, Kingg Bucc’s net worth will only take a positive leap in the coming years.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Kingg Bucc

Full Name / Real Name Jay Buck
Birthday / Date of Birth 28th October 1985
Age 35
Birth Sign Scorpio
Born Country U.S
Hometown Miami
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Parents N/A
Profession Musical Artis
Education (High School / College / University) N/A
Marital Status Unmarried
Gender Male
Relationship Status Single
Children (Son, Daughter) One Daughter
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Twitter, Instagram
Net Worth $100,000
Height in Feet 5 ft 10 in


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