Jovi Dufren Net Worth 2021, Job, Salary, Age, Birthday, Height, Mother, Yara Zaya, 90 Day Fiancé,

Jovi Dufren Net Worth 2021, Job, Salary, Age, Birthday, Height, Mother, Yara Zaya, 90 Day Fiancé,

Jovi Dufren, the resident partygoer of 90 Day Fiancé, is one of the most controversial characters this season of 90 Day Fiance. Some fans love him and some don’t. The same can be said for his fiancee Yara from Ukraine. The couple met on a travel dating app while Jovi was working abroad.

His job as an underwater robotics supervisor takes him around the world, which was a benefit to him and Yara until he moved to his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. However, all these are in the past as the couple has overcome all the obstacles in their relationship, they are happily married and had a baby girl recently.

Jovi Dufren Age, Birthday, Mother, Father

Jovi celebrates his birthday every 21st January. He was born in 1990 in New Orleans and grew up in Bayou, Larose, Louisiana, USA. His father Monty Dufren also had a similar job like his son which took him away from home for a very long time. Jovi’s mother Gwen is therefore very close to Jovi who practically raised her alone.

Dufren’s childhood was spent most of the time in Shrimp boats which increased his interest in the underwater world. therefore, he is very passionate about his current job. As for his wife Yara, the family may have accepted her as of now after she gave them a granddaughter and all but in the show, they were not that optimistic about Jovi and Yara.

Jovi Dufren and his parents made derogatory comments about Yara that put 90 Working Day Fiancé supporters on their feet. Many are mad at Jovi and his family for the way they already treated the pregnant reality star, so the Dufrens are only digging deeper with the enthusiasts.

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Jovi and her family chose to leave Yara home alone at one point. As soon as they were all in the car together, they began to pontificate over whether or not Yara could try to steal their things, and if they could leave her at home alone.

However, before suspecting anyone they should also take a look at their son’s history. It has been found out that Jovi was arrested twice; once, when he was 19 while he was driving under the influence of alcohol and secondly when he was 21 years old for possessing alcohol.

Jovi Dufren Education

Talking of the reality TV star’s education, Jovi graduated from South Lafourche High School in 2008 and started working as an ROV supervisor at C-innovation.

Jovi Dufren Job / Career Biography

After graduating in 2008, Jovi started working on multiple sea projects as ROV Pilot for an oil and gas company. He worked for approximately 5 years in the company then he joined  C-innovation as ROV Supervisor where he is still working.

Jovi’s job has taken him to more than 25 countries. His job basically involves going underwater and doing maintenance of pipelines and everything necessary for oil production.

Also now after his appearance on 90 Day Fiance, Jovi has become a new reality TV Star.

Jovi Dufren 90 Day Fiance

Jovi met Yara, from Ukraine, through a travel app while on vacation. In the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 premiere, he revealed that the leading of their relationship was related to their common interests. And after chatting for a while, they decided to meet.

Jovi and Yara first met in Budapest. They ended up getting along and started a long relationship. Whenever Jovi took a break from work, he would go on vacation with Yara or visit her in Ukraine. After dating for several months, Jovi proposed and asked Yara to come to the United States on a K-1 visa. And so they continued their journey with numerous ups and downs.

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Jovi Dufren Wife, Married, Children

Fans were already speculating about the marriage of Jovi and Yara in early February and the birth of their baby daughter in September. However, the couple couldn’t reveal the news to their fans because of the contract they signed with the channel. Since the show is aired nearly 1 year after shooting.

But it has been revealed that Jovi and Yara are married, they have a beautiful daughter and they are spending their newly married life happily after overcoming so many obstacles from Jovi drinking whiskey at 8.50 am to his frequent visit to strippers and of course, Jovi’s parents attempt in controlling their lives.

It should also be mentioned that Yara, his wife had gone miscarriage once while they just started dating. Jovi doubted when Yara announced her second pregnancy to him, he thought Yara is trying to trap him with the fake pregnancy news.

Early episodes of 90 Day Fiance show Jovi’s friend Sara spilling the beans about Jovi’s past lives. He has a long list of exes who are mostly strippers.

Jovi Dufren Net Worth, Salary, Income, Earnings

The 90 Day Fiance has been spiling numerous truths about Jovi’s past life. While it was revealed that his wife Yara was not new to the reality shows, it turns out Jovi is also not a new star. He has already appeared in the 2nd Episode of the 2nd season of the CMT series Party Down South. the episode in which Jovi starred was titled We Gonna Fight, or We Gonna Kiss?

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As for his job, Jovi Dufren is working as an ROV supervisor now. For his job, Jovi is paid a total annual salary of $130k. And as for appearance on 90 Day Fiance, Jovi is getting paid $14.5k. So as of early 2020, Jovi Dufren’s estimated net worth is around $200,000.

Jovi Dufren Social Media

It seems Jovi is not earning that much popularity as his wife Yara. His Instagram account has 42.8k followers to date while his wife Yara has more than 88k followers. Jovi also does a frequent q&A session with his fans on his Instagram account. He shares pictures of his family once in a while but likes to post pictures of himself more taking vacations in several places of the world.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Jovi Dufren

Full Name/Real Name Jovi Dufren
Date of Birth/Birthday 21st January 1990
Age 30
Birth Sign Aquarius
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Bayou, Larose, Louisiana, USA
Ethnicity White
Parents Monty Dufren and Gwen Dufren
Siblings N/A
Profession Reality Show star, ROV supervisor
Education(college/university) South Lafourche High School
Marital status Married
Wife Yaroslava Zalohina aka Yara Zaya
Children 1 daughter
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth $200,000
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Weight 75 kg


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