Joanna Gaines Wiki: Net Worth, Education, Siblings, Cook Book, Parents, Children, Books

Joanna Gaines Wiki: Net Worth, Education, Siblings, Cook Book, Parents, Children, Books

A designer, author, a blogger and also a T.V presenter, Joanna Gaines was born in the American city of Kansas as Joanna Lea Stevens to her non-American parents on April 19, 1978. Her mother Nan was a Korean and her father Jerry was of Lebanese and German origin. So she belongs to a multi-cultural background. She was the second child among the three children and has an older sister and a younger sister.

Popularly known for her T.V show ‘Fixer Upper’, she runs a construction company, a general store and a restaurant with her husband Chip Gaines.

Joanna Gaines Parents

Joanna’s parents were not of American nationality. Her mother Nan was a Korean and her father Jerry was of the Lebanese and German origin. Her father was an army officer. The two of them met in Korea at a party when her father traveled to Korea for work purposes. They are married for more than 45 years. Joanna’s parents first met in the year 1969 in Korea. Joanna states that her father immediately liked her as soon as he saw her and thought her to be the perfect life partner for him.

As they were from different cultural backgrounds, their parents were not easily convinced of their relationship. Jerry and Nan were in contact through letters after Jerry moved back to the U.S. They had to face different situations not in their favor and fought back with the situations and finally got married in Las Vegas in 1972 in spite of the disagreement of their parents.

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They have three children together and their children consider them as the ideal parents who have maintained their married life intact for a long year.

Joanna Gaines Siblings

Joanna was raised along with her two siblings. Both of them are her sisters and she is the second child among the three children. Her older sister is named Teresa Ann Criswell and her younger sister is named Mary Cay McCall. Both of her sisters are also married.

She shares a very good bond with her sisters and they are always together for each other which can be predicted by her posts in her Instagram profile.

She has also renovated her sister’s house in one of the episodes of her T.V show Fixer Upper. Although they are settled in different places; the three sisters make sure they have a really fun time whenever they meet with each other.

Unlike her elder sister Teresa who is also the host of a podcast show and has only one daughter, Joanna and her younger sister have a big family with the former having five kids and the latter having six children.

Joanna Gaines Education

Joanna pursued her University education from Baylor University where she graduated receiving a degree in communications but ended up joining a different field of designing being inspired by some of the boutiques in New York.

She is a designer as well, which might lead some of us to think that she has a formal education regarding that as well, but surprisingly she has not gained any degree related to designing yet she is perfect in her work.

Joanna Gaines Husband / Married life

Joanna is currently married to her husband Chip Gaines. The couple met in Waco, Texas for the first time and is together since then. They belonged to the same University but never met each other. They got married on 31st May 2003 at Erle Harrison House.

They have five children together and living a happy and prosperous life. Their eldest child is a son named Drake and the other children are named Ella, Duke and Emmie Kay and their last born child in 2018 is also a son who is named Crew. Chip along with his wife runs the business together and they own a general store, Construction Company, and a restaurant.

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Chip recently expressed his love towards his wife on Valentine’s Day to which she also replied back posting a picture on her Instagram. They never miss a chance to spend quality time with each other. They are following the footstep of Joanna’s parents to keep their marriage strong and long-lasting.

Joanna Gaines Career

Joanna did not initially start her career in designing or setting up a business with her husband, but she worked in a buffet line. Her first job in the T.V line was in a commercial for her father’s store. It was in the year 2001 when Joanna did the commercial for her father at the age of 23.

Later after getting married to her husband, she set up a business with him and also hosted the T.V show ‘Fixer Upper’. She has also showcased her skills in writings and has written few books as well and also write blogs as well.

Joanna Gaines Cook Book

She has also developed her interest in writing and has written several books. She is also the writer of the journal Magnolia. Besides she has also written a cookbook named Magnolia Table which is a collection of several recipes that includes her family’s favorites. The book has more than 125 classic recipes.

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The 2nd volume of the book is soon to be released in April of this year.

Joanna Gaines Net worth

She has multiple sources of income, be it from her T.V show or the books she has written or from the business with her husband. It is not quite surprising to say she earns a decent amount of money for herself and her family.

She also shares her net worth with her husband. She is paid $30k per episode of their show ‘Fixer Upper’. Their combined net worth is estimated to be $ 18 million till the date. Her single net worth is estimated to be $ 750,000 in the year 2018.

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