Functions of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)

Functions of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

Functions of the Nigerian Stock Exchange… The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) formally known as the Lagos Stock Exchange was established in 1960 and renamed in 1977.

The NSE is simply referred to as a marketplace where people sell and buy stock.  It is without doubt one of the major contributors to the country’s economy due to its increasing number of investors.


Quality information is the key to investor’s success in NSE because you would need to have pre-knowledge of which stock to buy and when to sell such stock. The factors a stock trader needs to consider are the history, quality, cost and perception of the stock.

The NSE has a list of 180 companies with total market capitalization of about N10.16 trillion as of June 28, 2016. It creates a medium in which investors can use disposable income to buy stocks with the belief that it will later rise in value.

Their activities and transactions are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Functions of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

  1. It provides a platform for selling and buying of stocks and securities.
  2. It provides opportunities for raising new capital.
  3. It protects the investors from shady deals.
  4. It facilitates dealings in government securities.
  5. It encourages savings.
  6. It disseminates information to entrepreneurs and industrialists.
  7. It assists government to implement monetary policies.
  8. It provides parameters for measuring companies’ goodwill
  9. It fights against inflation.
  10. It advises the government, investors and industrialists dealing with stocks and securities.

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