Ed Oregron Wife, Children, Salary, Net Worth, USC, Interview, Voice, Family, Contract

Ed Oregron Wife, Children, Salary, Net Worth, USC, Interview, Voice, Family, Contract

Ed Oregron Bio

The former American football player and the coach Ed Oregron was born to Edward ‘Ba Ba’ Orgeron and Corniella ‘Co Co’ Orgeron. Currently 58 Years, he was born on July 27 1961. He along with his brother Steve grew up in a small town Larose in Louisiana.

Married to Kelly Orgeron, he was the head football coach at the University Of Mississippi for two years from 2005 to 2007. The Cajun accented man started his career in coaching from the year 1984 at the Northwestern State and has served as a coach, assistant coach in many important games.

He carried out his education from South Lafourche High School from Louisiana. He was signed to play football at Louisiana State University but he left for Northwestern State University after his transfer.

He began his playing career from the year 1979 from LSU and played as defensive linesman beginning in the year 1980-1983 at the Northwestern State and soon became the head coach in Northwestern State. He was in the position of Defensive linesman in 1988-1992 for Miami Hurricanes Football team. Also he is the present head coach from 2016 in LSU. Under his coaching, The SouthEastern Conference (SEC) and SEC Western Division have won the championship in the year 2019 which is considered as one of his greatest accomplishments.

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He has been awarded with the honor of National Recruiter of the Year in 2004. The year 2019 has proven him to be a fruitful year honoring him with different award like Associated Press Coach of the Year, Home Depot Coach Of the Year, Eddie Robinson Coach of the year and lastly SEC Coach of the Year.

Ed Orgeron Wife/ Family

Ed was not the single child in his family. He has a brother named Steve who was raised together by their parents. Ed lost his father in the year 2011.

He is now married to Kelly. His wife Kelly Orgeron is the second wife. Before Kelly he was married to Colleen Orgeron. The former football player met Kelly in 1996 on a blind date and they got married in 1997 after two months of their meeting. They are now parents to three sons in their family. Kelly and Ed have twin sons Cody and Parker while Kelly also has a son named Tyler from her previous relationship.

Ed Orgeron Children

Both their twin sons Cody and Parker are directly or indirectly associated with football, and are carrying the legacy of their father. Cody, who was once a tennis player, later picked up football and is carrying the role of quarterback at McNeese State. While their next twin son Parker is working as the student-coach.

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Kelly’s Health Condition

The couple has come this far in their relationship facing many struggles and hardships. His inspiration, Kelly’s health added one more challenge in their life. She was diagnosed with Scoliosis, a disease causing the sideways curvature of the spine.

The disease led her to go through the numerous surgeries, but to worsen the situation; the surgery in 2017 was not according to the plan and did not go well putting all the blame to the doctor performing her surgery.

Now Kelly is in the recovery phase from her illness and marks appearances with her husband to be at the LSU games and cheering his supporting team.

Ed Oregron Contract

He has been associated with multiple of the football clubs and teams and has provided his best coaching due to which the team he has coached has won many games and titles. Currently he is the head coach in LSU after the extension of his contract till the year 2021. He signed the contract upon the deal of receiving $3.5 million on an annual basis and the additional incentive of $1.5 million.

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The LSU win has earned the coach a huge bonus and chances are even higher that his contract is further extended. Who might want to lose the man who is so perfect with his coaching?

Ed Oregron Net Worth

With no any doubt in mind one can say that the former football player has enough of his savings. The multiple wins by LSU has earned him a huge amount of incentives. The more games LSU wins the more will be Ed’s bonus. He will be paid the bonus worth $1.2 million all total.

Earning the basic salary of $4 million he has been successful to secure his name in the 1st rank among the 30 highest paid coaches.

Previously his net worth in the year was around $1 million in the year 2018 which has increased to about $5 million in the year 2019.


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